Born 1998 in Winnipeg, MB

Email: owenkschalk (at) gmail (dot) com

I am a writer of short stories, novels, political analyses, and essays on film and literature. I am a columnist at Canadian Dimension, and I have also written for Alborada, Monthly ReviewProtean Magazine, and many other publications.  My journalistic work covers a wide range of topics including Canada’s domestic and foreign policy, the imperialist and colonialist nature of the Canadian state, and Western imperialism in the Global South more generally.  Read my December 2022 article for Monthly Review, “Ecological imperialism and the Canadian mining industry,” to find out more about the analytical framework I apply to Canadian domesic and foreign policy, and take a look at “Degrowth is the only path to a sustainable future” and “Redwashing consumerism will not save the planet” to learn how I connect this analysis to issues of climate change, unequal development, and the need for new ecological modes of living.

I have written essays on film and literature for Canadian DimensionMonthly ReviewLiberated Texts, and ​my personal Medium page.  In November 2021, Monthly Review published “​Disney, Salò, and Pasolini’s Inconsumable Art,” my critical analysis of the modern culture industry through three films by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

My fiction work is varied in terms of content and style.  My published stories take place in settings as diverse as rural Manitoba in the 1930s, Soviet Uzbekistan, Italy during the Years of Lead, and the American frontier in the 1800s.  While I struggle to identify a single unifying theme to my work, I am often inspired by questions of historical consciousness, be they as small as the way individuals constitute their local communities or as expansive as the myths that justify a nation.  I have completed one novel, All Beneath the Moon, for which I am currently seeking publication.  To get a sense for my fiction work, check out “Freighthoppers,” published by antilang. in spring 2022.