short stories

Sorrow of the Turnspit Dog,” Nabu Review, Issue 002, April 2018

Cried for Night,” antilang., no. 3, January 2019

Borne by Loving Hands,” Fairlight Books, Online, May 2020

A Mite and Seven Whales,” whimperbang, Issue 21

Little Strawberry Towns,” Fairlight Books, Online, April 2021

Instead of Dreams,” Sobotka Literary Magazine, Issue 9, Upcoming

“Empty Houses,” Voices: Journal of the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group, Upcoming Edition

novels/story collections

The Burnt City, 2021, Seeking Publication

Headsman Row, 2021, Seeking Publication

No Island Escapes, 2021, Seeking Publication

Prince of Carnations, Work in Progress